June 17, 2012: Airports are not a good experience if you wear leg braces. The braces don't fit in carry on and they can't be checked because my luggage gets lost a lot. When the weather is appropriate, I wear shorts so it's obvious to security what is setting off the metal detector. Female guards are required to pat down females. There is usually a wait for this. Then my braces and I get swabbed and substance tested. That's usually the end of it.

June 18: Montreal is not a good place if you're mobility impaired. There's lots of stairs with very few slopes, escalators, or elevators. Security called on me for using an elevator at a museum. The elevator was not marked off-limits. I guess Canadians know to always use stairs. They say they're stuck with the stairs because it's an old town, but the new metro is mostly stairs. I saw very few mobility impaired people.

June 29: I had a truly horrendous experience at the Boston airport. Long pauses at the x-ray machine initially made me aware of a problem. The operator would stare at the x-ray for a long period of time and then send the item back. People's belonging were scattered throughout the line--some made it through, some didn't.

Long pauses at the Logan's security checkpoint's x-ray machine initially made me aware that there was some kind of problem. The operator would stare at the x-ray for a long period of time and then send the item back. People's belonging were scattered throughout the line--some made it through, some didn't.

At 4:00PM, I finally got to the front of the line and as expected my knee braces set off the metal detector. I stood and waited to be patted down longer than I've waited at other airports. I was swabbed and the guard looked confused as she fiddled with the substance tester. I was forced to continue standing. It was clear that she did not know how to operate the machine. She finally said she received an alert and called for another person to deal with it.

My belongings had been separated from me. Due to send backs at the x-ray machine, they had also been scattered throughout the line. I was made to stand and wait until the alert person finally showed up. I was taken to a separate room and received another pat down. A substance test was done on a second tester. It was negative this time. I was told that all my belongings had to be tested because of the first test failure.

I was forced to stand while my belongings were tested with the second tester. The first machine was testing people positive and I was repeatedly bumped so they and their belongings could be retested on the second machine. The first tester was eventually declared broken. They did a lot of fiddling with the second tester.

The security people disappeared for long periods of time. When they were there, they did very little testing of my belongings and a lot of provoking and taunting. The guard testing my belongings babbled incessantly. The supervisor told the person who was testing my belongings to quit bumping me, and the guard actually bumped me right in front of him. The supervisor of the supervisor showed up and the guard finally quit babbling and started testing my belongings. My canes were not substance tested even though I offered them to the guard. I left the security checkpoint at 5:10 PM.

I had a long time to observe the security people at "work". I grew very concerned for the security at Logan Airport. Either the x-ray and substance tester were not working right or security didn't know how to operate them properly. Instead of making our airports safe, this security checkpoint had become a place for bullies to taunt and provoke a person with obvious medical issues. They did this with ease which leads me to believe that they do it a lot. I was picked because I was an easy target. It was an appalling abuse of authority.

I was in excruciating pain by the time I boarded the plane.

June 30: I'm still in pain and can't walk. I called Boston TSA and left a message. I called TSA and filed a complaint. I also sent an email to Homeland Security.

July 3: Customer Service for Boston TSA returned my phone call. She said an investigation would be done by the end of the week.

July 8: I've gotten into the habit of using canes to support my weight. My right index finger is unusable. I have general back and neck problems. Tennis elbow pain keeps me up all night. The band helps a little. You Tube videos show how to tape up tennis elbow. I did this and the pain lessened considerably.
Airports and Knee Braces
This knee brace relieves pain by pushing the medial parts of the knee away from each other. The metal hinge causes problems at airport metal detectors.
July 9: The end of the week passed. I called and left a message for Boston TSA.

July 11: I emailed the mayor of Boston, my senator, and my congressman about the airport incident.

July 12: Boston's TSA complaint center never called back by the end of last week as promised. They do not return my phone call. This explains why TSA employees are abusing their authority--because they can. I'm contacting TSA abuse websites (there are a lot of them) and anyone in the goverment concerned with TSA.
Taping to relieve Tennis Elbow (Cane Arm) pain.
Taping to support knee and relieve pain.