Arizona State University
Santa Cruz de Terrenate
Archaeomagnetic Dating: Earth's magnetic field varies with time. This variation can be used to date archaeological sites.
Articles about bolas, hunting, pipettes,and vandalism in rock art.
Archaeological fiction for young adults.
Archaeology, History, and Paleo
Animations--Archaeology comes to life!
Some of the big files need time to download.
Archaeological Research Institute (ARI)
Museum of Anthropology
Mimbres Lab
Art Museum
Photogrametry--3 D Rock Art Documentation
3D Modeling
Homolovi Ruins
Fort Verde
Tubac Presidio
Picacho Peak
Battle of Picacho
Verdugo Stage Stop
Lyman Lake
Photogrametry--3 D Track Documentation
Field Jacketing Mosasaur Bones
San Vicente