Badger Springs Wash Trail
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Read Badger Springs Wash Trail to learn more about the prehistoric petroglyphs (above) and historic arrastra (below). Photographs of the arrastra from 1988 and 2003 are compared to photos from 2013. If you have old photos of the arrastra, please send them to the webmaster.
2003 Photos by Gerry Haase
1988--The 3 big rocks in the lower right, the trees, and river match up to the 2013 photo. (photo by JJG)
2013--The fence is gone. The photo needs to be taken when there is not so much vegetation. (photo by JJG)
April 12, 2013 photo by Gerry Haase
Archaeology and History on the Badger Springs Wash Trail of Agua Fria National Monument
Geology of Badger Springs Wash Trail
Photos by Bob C
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