Chapter 2: Analysis Tools & Calculations
Gummy Stuff
Society of Actuaries Retirement Planning
Society of Actuaries Retirement Probability Analyzer Software
2.1 Predictions Based on Average Returns and Inflation
T. Rowe Price Retirement Planning Worksheet
Return Calculator and Pre-Retirement Savings Planner Calculator
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Gummy's Sensible Withdrawals
FIRECalc Explanations
Reality Retirement Planning
Shiller Data Online
U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics
T. Rowe Price Retirement Income Calculator
2.3 Historical Data
2.2 Spending Models
Quantext Safe Withdrawal Rates
Gummy Stuff Monte Carlo Simulator
2.5 Historical Simulation and the 4% Rule
Journal of Financial Planning
Safe Withdrawal Calculator
2.4 Monte Carlo Simulation
Chapter 1: Retire On Your Schedule
Chapter 3: Live Below Your Means (LBYM)
Chapter 4: Emergency Funds & Insurance (First Take Care of Stability)
Chapter 5: Investment Instruments
Chapter 6: Your Investment Plan
Chapter 7: What Will I Do When I Retire?
Chapter 8: Issues in Retirement
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