Chapter 4: Emergency Funds & Insurance
(First Take Care of Stability)
4.1 Medical Insurance
Georgetown Univ Health Policy Institute
CNN Money Lesson 16: Health Insurance
Quickquotes Health Insurance Quote
Retire Early Home Page: LTC Insurance
Retire Early Home Page: Health Insurance
Official US Government Site for People with Medicare
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
4.2 Emergency Funds
About Retirement Planning Building an Emergency Fund
4.3 Personal Financial Concerns
Divorce Costs
How to Keep Divorce Costs Down Cost of Raising a Child Calculator
TIAA-CREF Guide to Funding College
Microsoft Office Online Personal Financial Tools: College Costs Calculator Spreadsheet
CNN Money Lesson 11: Saving for College College Saving College Planning Calculator
Tax Information for Students
Tax Benefits for Education
CNN Money Lesson 21: Estate Planning Estate Planning
T. Rowe Price Estate Planning Tools
Create Your Will Process
CNN Money Lesson 3: Basics of Banking
4.4 Documents
Cost of Raising a Child Calculator
IEEE Financial Advantage Program
Chapter 1: Retire On Your Schedule
Chapter 2: Analysis Tools & Calculations
Chapter 3: Live Below Your Means (LBYM)
Chapter 5: Investment Instruments
Chapter 6: Your Investment Plan
Chapter 7: What Will I Do When I Retire?
Chapter 8: Issues in Retirement
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