Dr. Mike Golio, author of Engineering Your Retirement, is available for a limited number of speaking engagements. He has entertained technical professionals with his presentation that includes retirement planning information as well as observations and insights learned from over 20 years of office work doing engineering & engineering management. His 60 to 90 minute PowerPoint presentation provides valuable information about how retirement planners can achieve a rewarding and successful retirement on their own schedule. The presentation includes humorous observations and insights gleaned from a career spent primarily in large electronics firms. Although no prior investment knowledge is needed to enjoy the presentation, the talk is most appreciated by audiences that have a fundamental understanding of mathematics and graphical display of data. Typical speaking fee is $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the logistics and group size.
As a teenager, Mike Golio worked in coal mines, on road crews, cleared brush, and served in a
wide variety of other manual labor positions. As an undergraduate, he worked part-time in a
University of Illinois bookstore and dormitory dish room. He spent two years as a microwave
design engineer before earning enough money to return to school and complete his MSEE and
PhD studies in 1980 and 1983. During his career as a technical contributor, Dr. Golio published
hundreds of technical papers and served as editor for eight books. He has held a variety of
volunteer positions in both IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society and IEEE Electron
Device Society. During his career as an electrical engineer, Dr. Golio designed and built
electronics hardware, developed models for microwave transistors, managed both small and
large engineering organizations, and directed corporate research and development strategies. In 1990, he took a job that was so bad that by 1995 he had changed his focus to seriously pursuing retirement. His most recent book, Engineering Your Retirement, is a product of that planning.

Mike and his wife, JJ, have published articles in archaeology volumes about their investigations
of prehistoric cultures of the Southwest. They have also co-written two children's books. In 2003, at the age of 49, he and his wife achieved their goal of financial independence and disengaged themselves from full-time engineering work. They remain very active -- volunteering on archaeological projects, working at community functions, and serving as liaison to the city for
their neighborhood. Financial independence has provided them the opportunity to travel, visit
family, and pursue interests outside of electrical engineering. The Golio's enjoy the outdoors and hike over 20 miles each week. Although mostly retired, Dr. Golio still enjoys participating in
professional activities. He currently serves as volunteer Editor-in-chief of IEEE Microwave
Magazine, and is a reviewer for several professional journals, IEEE conferences, and book