Young Adult Books and Multimedia
Sarah and Pilo are about to save the past. And the future. When 13-year-old Sarah falls in the mud behind her new home in Phoenix, she finds an unusual piece of ancient pottery. Then, after accidentally dying herself red and green, Sarah almost collides with 14-year-old Pilo. The two of them begin looking for traces of the past in the mountains and desert surrounding their homes. During their explorations, they uncover a developer's plot to bulldoze one of the prehistoric sites. With the help of an upset rattlesnake, a neighbor with two peculiar dogs, and a mysterious packet, Sarah and Pilo set out to stop what everyone thinks is unstoppable.
Is the only good cow a shoe?
Can cattle fly?
And what is that colorful thing hidden in Mr. Ugly?
Answers to these questions and more are found in A Present From the Past.
A Puzzle from the Past
by Janet and Mike Golio
Lisa and Roper are about to have the adventure of a lifetime. When Mattie sends the fourteen-year-olds into the desert to look for ancient pictures on the rocks, Lisa and Roper have no idea how valuable the petroglyphs might be. Then they start disappearing--the petroglyphs that is. And soon trees are missing as well! Surrounded by banana-eating butterflies, a demanding raven and a steer named Hercules, Lisa, Roper and eight-year-old Katie set out to solve this incredible mystery before it's too late.
Will they be able to save the petroglyphs?
Are tofu-caper hot dogs legal?
And who is that creepy security guard?
Answers to these questions and more are found in Puzzle from the Past
A Present from the Past