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I cancelled my LA Fitness membership when a male member jumped on top of me, touched me all over, and started doing reps with me under him. I screamed and screamed. Eventually a manager came over and told me to behave like an adult. The male member left laughing. The internet is full of horror stories about LA Fitness. I joined thinking nothing could be this bad--it is and worse. I lasted 2 months. Below are some of my and other people's experiences.
A woman's toilet near the pool was plugged and overflowed for 3 weeks. Women walked barefoot through the overflow into the pool area. My royal blue Speedo turned light grey after going in their spa. Were extra chemicals being used to combat the toilet overflow getting into the pool area?
It's all about collecting the initiation fee and getting you to sign a 1 year trainer contract. You may be eligible for some of the class action lawsuits against LA Fitness. They tend to lose or settle.
A special needs person sat in the LA Fitness lobby saying he was going to get his guns and shoot everyone.
An OCD person hung out in the woman's dressing room arranging paper towels on top of the benches. I put my bag on an empty area of the bench and she hit me.
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